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It is the lawyer who is entrusted with the honorable duty of today – to fundamentally change the law enforcement system of Ukraine. And changes will begin only when we ourselves change. Ukrainians are very often outraged by the imperfection of modern justice… But at the same time, most citizens are grateful to it when they themselves find themselves in the role of defendants or defendants. After all, at this moment we are not afraid of the punishing sword of Themis, we are thinking about how much it will cost us to dull, or even break this sword completely.
Lawyer, defender…

Бойко Петро Анатолійович

Powers of the Kyiv Region Bar Council

Performs the functions of the self-government of the advocates of the region Bar Council of the Kyiv region.
Powers of the Kyiv Region Bar Council:

  • represents lawyers of the region;
  • draws up the agenda, convenes and ensures the conference of lawyers of the region;
  • ensures the implementation of the decisions of the conference of lawyers of the region, monitors their implementation;
  • provides informational and methodical support to lawyers of the region, contributes to the improvement of their qualifications;
  • takes the oath of the lawyer of Ukraine;
  • includes representatives of the bar as part of the competitive commission for the selection of lawyers to provide free secondary legal assistance;
  • contribution to ensuring guarantees of advocacy, protection of professional and social rights of advocates;
  • disposes of funds and property according to the estimate;
  • ensures that information is entered into the Unified Register of Advocates of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure;
  • forms a commission to assess the quality, completeness and timeliness of the provision of free legal assistance by lawyers;
  • performs other functions in accordance with the Law, decisions of the conference of lawyers of the region, the Bar Council of Ukraine, the congress of lawyers of Ukraine.