Requirements for the issuance of a new type of Ukrainian attorney’s certificate

Заява на виготовлення посвідчення адвоката (29.5 KB)


In accordance with subsection 1.18 p. 1 of Section 2 “Powers of the Bar Council of Ukraine” of the Regulation on the Bar Council of Ukraine, approved by the Constituent Congress of Bars of Ukraine dated 17.12.2012, the Bar Council of Ukraine, in accordance with the tasks assigned to it, approved samples of the certificate of the bar of Ukraine (decision No. 30-31 of December 17 2012). In compliance with these instructions , the Bar Council of the Kyiv region begins collecting applications from lawyers for the production of a new type of certificate.

To do this, it is necessary to fill out an application at the location of the Kyiv Region Bar Council and present the original documents , namely:

– attorney’s certificate (if available);
– a certificate of the right to engage in advocacy;
– a 3X4 cm color photo in electronic form;
– sample signature.

! Only those lawyers whose information is confirmed in the database of the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine ( can apply for a lawyer’s license. Also, at the time of submitting the application, the annual contribution of lawyers to ensure the implementation of the self-government of lawyers must be paid.

Application requirements:

1. File with a photo

Technical requirements:

a. File format: JPEG
b. File size: no more than 250 KB
c. Photo size: 3 by 4 centimeters
d. File name: Last NameParent_photo (example: IvanovIvanIvanovych_foto.jpg)

e. Content:
1) the photo must show the full face, neck and shoulders;
2) the background is white;
3) the photo must be taken within the last six months;
4) the photo must be free of any extraneous objects

f. The photo must be in color.

Quality requirements:

  • The file must contain a photo, not a scanned image of the photo itself;
  • The face on the photo card must be well lit;
  • The person being photographed must be dressed in dark-colored clothes, preferably a business suit;
  • The photo must be taken without sunglasses; glasses should not have darkened lenses, preferably without any light effects; the frame of the glasses should not cover the eyes;
  • The photograph must be taken without a headdress or other items covering the head, except for headgear of a religious nature;

2. A file with a signature.

a. File format: JPEG
b. File size: no more than 100 KB
c. File name: Last NameParent_pidp (example: IvanovIvanIvanovich_pidp.jpg)
d. The signature is made in black ink.


Details for payment of services for the production of attorney’s certificates

The amount to be paid is UAH 187.00
01004, м. Київ, вул. Велика Васильківська,буд. 13/1

UA 27 300614 0000026009500238702


MFO 300614

EDRPOU code 38705940

Amount to be paid – UAH 187.

Purpose of payment : for the production of a new model attorney’s certificate

for _________________________________ (full name) Kyiv region