Assistant lawyer

A lawyer may have assistants from among persons who have a full higher legal education. Lawyer’s assistants work on the basis of an employment contract (contract) concluded with a lawyer, a lawyer’s office, a lawyer’s association, in compliance with the requirements of this Law and labor legislation.
The attorney’s assistant carries out the attorney’s mandate in cases that are in the attorney’s proceedings, except for those related to the procedural powers (rights and duties) of the attorney.
A lawyer’s assistant is prohibited from combining work at a lawyer’s office with activities incompatible with the lawyer’s activities. A lawyer’s assistant cannot be the persons specified in the second part of Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and Advocacy.
The regulation on the lawyer’s assistant is approved by the Bar Council of Ukraine.

WARNING! At the NAAU Higher School of Advocacy, one must complete a mandatory Special Instructional Course on the introduction to the profession of a lawyer’s assistant
The special training course for the introduction to the profession of paralegal contains 7 modules based on separate topics.

Each of the sub-modules has the following structure: video materials, text materials and documents that serve as supplements to the video materials, as well as test and practical tasks. The test task is checked automatically by the system, while the practical one needs a professional review by the teacher and takes some time to check.
The duration of the special training course for the introduction to the profession of a lawyer’s assistant is unlimited and depends on the student’s individual capabilities.

The course takes place online and at a convenient time. After completing the course, a certificate is issued, which is sent to e-mail within 24 hours. The data is entered in the register of persons who have passed the Special training course for introduction to the profession of a lawyer’s assistant, which is indicated on the website of the Higher School of Advocacy (at the link)

All documents and copies are provided in the original, as well as in digital format (on a flash drive or on a disk), scanned (color scan) and saved in pdf format (SINGLE FILE). The digital photo is attached as a separate file.
Photo file requirements

Technical requirements:
a. File format: JPEG
b. File size: no more than 250 KB
c. Photo size: 3 by 4 centimeters
d. File name: Last NameParent_photo (example: IvanovIvanIvanovych_foto.jpg)
e. Content:
1) the photo must show the full face, neck and shoulders;
2) the background is white;
3) the photo must be taken within the last six months;
4) the photo must be free of any extraneous objects
f. The photo must be in color.

Quality requirements:
• The file must contain a photo, not a scanned image of the photo itself;
• The face on the photo card must be well lit;
• The person being photographed must be dressed in dark-colored clothes, preferably a business suit;
• The photo must be taken without sunglasses; glasses should not have darkened lenses, preferably without any light effects; the frame of the glasses should not cover the eyes;
• The photo must be taken without a headdress or other items covering the head, except for headgear of a religious nature;

Увага: платником за цими реквізитами є адвокат, а не помічник (!)

Щодо внесення відомостей про помічника адвоката до ЄРАУ, то слід сплатити за наступними реквізитами


ЄДРПОУ: 38536488
МФО банку: 351005
Поточний рахунок (IBAN) UA503510050000026002433498800
Назва банку: АТ «УкрСиббанк»
Валюта рахунку – ГРН
2485,00 грн
Призначення платежу: за внесення відомостей про помічника адвоката _________________ (П.І.Б адвоката)


Отримувач платежу: Національна асоціація адвокатів України
ЄДРПОУ: 38488439
МФО банку: 320984
Поточний рахунок (IBAN) UA623209840000026 009210281016
Назва банку: АТ “ПроКредит Банк”
Валюта рахунку – ГРН
1065,00 грн
Призначення платежу: за внесення відомостей про помічника адвоката _________________ (П.І.Б  адвоката)


Увага: платником за цими реквізитами є адвокат, а не помічник (!)

Заява на повернення оплати про помічника

Реквізити для оплати послуг з виготовлення посвідчень помічника адвоката

Сума до сплати 100,00 грн
ТОВ «ЕМ ДЖИ ПРИНТ» 01004, м. Київ, вул. Велика Васильківська, буд. 13/1
р\р UA273006140000026009500238702
МФО 300614
Код ЄДРПОУ 38705940
Сума: 100.00 грн.
Призначення платежу: за виготовлення посвідчення помічника адвоката України (П.І.Б. адвоката) для ________________________(П.І.Б. помічника адвоката) Київської області