A new option of the “Electronic Court” is checking registered offices

On January 3, a new option "Electronic court" appeared . Now you can check in the system whether the electronic account of a certain legal entity or individual is registered in it.

The corresponding update was introduced by the SE "Centre of Court Services", which belongs to the sphere of administration of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine.
In particular, in the ECITS "Electronic Court" subsystem:
• updated service "Electronic cabinet",
• a new functionality has been added that allows users to check the presence of a registered electronic account of an individual or legal entity.
For this, the registered user of the service must send a request. The answer to the answer about the presence of a registered ECITS Electronic cabinet can be downloaded as a Zip archive. It will contain a PDF file signed by the system KEP.
We remind you that the introduction of EUITS in Ukraine is taking place in stages. As of October 5, 2021, the first three modules of the system, in particular "Electronic Court" and "Electronic Cabinet", became operational.
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