Challenging requirements for upgrading the lawyer’s qualifications: proceedings have been opened

The court opened proceedings in a lawsuit challenging some mandatory requirements for improving the qualifications of lawyers.

This was reported by the press service of the District Administrative Court of the city of Kyiv, "Law and Business" reports.
In particular, the plaintiff appeals some points approved by the RAU decision dated 03.07.2021. No. 63 and requires the cancellation of the following requirements for advanced training:
● lawyers, before they reach 3 years of legal experience, are required to complete the "Young Lawyer" Modular Program, which is developed and implemented by the NAAU Higher School of Advocacy;
● lawyers who have acquired the status of a lawyer, during the first three years of their legal activity, are obliged to increase their professional level to the level of 48 hours, of which at least 16 hours – every year. In the case of obtaining a certificate for the right to practice law in the second half of the corresponding year, such a lawyer has the right to receive a smaller number of points in the first year of obtaining the certificate, provided that the total number of points for 3 years will be at least 48 hours;
● all attorneys, with the exception of the attorneys specified in the previous paragraph, are required to improve the attorney's qualification at the level of 10 hours per year (10 credit points).
It is reported that the court will consider the case according to the rules of simplified legal proceedings without notifying the parties.
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