Happy birthday to lawyer Fyodor Klapchuk!

The Bar Council of the Kyiv region and the Secretariat of the Council sincerely congratulate Fedor Petrovych Klapchuk , a lawyer, a member of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region, on his birthday.
Dear Fyodor Petrovich, we wish you health, optimism, happiness and goodness, a peaceful sky, luck, professional victories and successes, conquest of new horizons and heights!
We sincerely thank you for the fruitful cooperation over many years, for active participation in the development of the self-government of lawyers, for assistance in the implementation of the most daring projects!
We wish you good health, happiness, success and inspiration in your work, as well as support from colleagues, partners, and friends! May you always be surrounded by positive, goal-oriented people who share your goals and help turn them into reality for the development of the Ukrainian bar!
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