Heroes among us. Lawyer Andrii Bevz destroyed military equipment of the occupiers on the approaches to Kyiv


Heroes among us. Lawyer Andrii Bevz destroyed military equipment of the occupiers on the approaches to Kyiv

The war broke into our lives unexpectedly. We knew it was inevitable, but we didn't want to and couldn't believe it. We wanted to be wrong.

But, unfortunately, they were not mistaken!

At 4 o'clock in the morning on February 24, 2022, two powerful explosions that we heard – forever divided our lives – what was before the war and what is happening now.

Almost like in 1941…

Although times change, heroes among the lawyers of the Kyiv region seem to be eternal. Only accents shift. By the way, a modern Ukrainian lawyer would have something to talk about with his colleague from the years of the Great Patriotic War. At that time, lawyers were respectfully called defenders. And it seems that this is more correct than what we are used to today – a defender. But no one could ever explain to a Ukrainian lawyer why our enemy has come from the East, and we need to defend the land from a rabid Russian bear.

However, the unity of Ukrainians during national trials, on the occasion of overcoming the consequences of some misfortune, and even during the wars for their independence (from the time of Zakhar Berkut to the current war against Russia), has already become a tradition. And it was the current war that once again reminded all of us that a lawyer is not just a defender in court proceedings, but first of all, a defender of the Motherland.

Many of our fellow lawyers, hundreds, if not thousands, did not hesitate to change their belts from briefcases to belts from automatic weapons, and the most ardent – as quickly as possible mastered the skills of operating modern anti-tank weapons systems – from Javelins to NLAW.

Andriy Bevz , a lawyer and the son of a lawyer from the Kyiv region, became one of them. Without hesitation, the other day he joined the battle for the defense of Kyiv Oblast as part of the local territorial defense, and successfully knocked out several enemy armored personnel carriers and tanks.

The lawyer proved that the idea of defense is in his blood, because he fights on his land in the full sense of the word, and defends not beautiful abstractions, but his own home, his own family.

During the defense, Andrii Bevz was also injured, he has already been demobilized, but he continues to fight, because "you can't sit at home when there is a war in Ukraine, you want to make maximum efforts for the state's defense capability."

Real words of a real hero.

Someone once said that "You can defeat the army, but you cannot defeat the people." Ukrainian lawyers once again proved that we have an army that is difficult to defeat, we also have a people that cannot be defeated.

Glory to Ukraine!

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