Housing for a lawyer – help from the heart!


Housing for a lawyer – help from the heart!

Over the past year, charity has become an integral part of the lives of most Ukrainians. Foreign friends also help us.

Yes, we all know how brutal the Russian orc attack on Borodyanka was. The lawyer of the Kyiv region, who lived in this village, Tyshchenko Larisa Mykolaivna , completely lost her apartment. Yes, of course, someday the issue of compensation for lost property will be resolved, but you have to live somewhere right now. And here the help of lawyers from Brussels (Belgium) and the Kraków Bar Association (Poland) came in handy, who handed over a car trailer fully equipped for temporary accommodation to the Charity Fund for the Assistance of Lawyers of the Kyiv Region. Today, April 18, Larisa Mykolaivna has her own shelter again.

The trailer was handed over by Petro Boyko, Chairman of the Bar Council of Kyiv Region, Mykola Zamkovenko, Chairman of the Charity Fund of Lawyers of Kyiv Region, Volodymyr Polishchuk, Chairman of the KDKA of Kyiv Region, Chairman of the Committee of Veterans and Social Protection of Lawyers of Kyiv Region, Oleg Chernobaj, member of RAKO Dmytro Dmytrenko, as well as direct the inspiration and organizer of charitable assistance, attorney Pavlo Lutsyuk.

Mutual assistance of lawyers is the key to a strong community! Victory will be ours!

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