NAAU: Lawyers included in the register for providing BPD must submit information to ERAU within 10 days

The National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine published the decision of the Council of Lawyers of Ukraine No. 124 "On Amendments to the Procedure for Maintaining the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine", which provides for the display of information on lawyers included in the Register of Lawyers for the provision of free secondary legal aid in the ERAU.

This was reported by NAAU.

Thus, the Bar Council of Ukraine established a 10-day deadline for submitting such information to the ERAU. During this time, lawyers who provide free secondary legal assistance must submit an application with a notice of inclusion in the Register of Lawyers to the Bar Council of the region at the address of their workplace or to the Bar Council of Ukraine. It can also be done through the Personal Office of a lawyer at ERAU.

The NAAU reminded that the relevant changes to the Rules of Conduct of the ERAU were adopted by the Bar Council of Ukraine at the meeting on November 4 in order to ensure the rights of lawyers and guarantees of their activities.

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