The Irpinsky City Court resumed the administration of justice

Head of the State Judicial Administration Oleksiy Salnikov, people's deputies Serhiy Demchenko and Maksym Dyrdin, head of the Kyiv Court of Appeal Yaroslav Holovachev, adviser to the head of the State Administrative Court of Ukraine Ivan Balaklytskyi, head of the Territorial Administration of the State Administrative Court of Ukraine in the Kyiv region Svitlana Shevchenko, deputy head of the Court Security Service Oleksandr Balanda, as well as deputy mayor of Irpinsky Andriy Kravchuk and head of the Buchansk district military administration Mykola Lyashenko paid a working visit to the Irpinsky city court of Kyiv region on the occasion of the restoration of the administration of justice by this court.

Such a wide representation of heads of bodies and institutions in the justice system, local authorities and people's deputies is due to the importance of the process of restoring the administration of justice by the court, which found itself on the line of fire between the capital and the enemy. Already on February 25, the invaders' projectiles began to fly into the territory of the court and several of them hit the premises, with an explosive wave knocking out all the windows, cutting the roof and damaging the technical equipment that was in the premises of the institution. Although, as the chairman of the court Valery Linnyk notes, the damage to the premises was not critical, but the restoration of work directly depended on the launch of all security networks in the city itself.

"Today is actually the first day we are working in the post-war liberated city, and I have to say that all judges and most of the staff have started to perform their duties. Before the order of the Chief Justice on the restoration of justice, we were all engaged in the restoration of our premises and restoring order after the destruction it suffered during enemy shelling," he said.

In view of the fact that a certain part of the technical means of the court was damaged during the shelling, the head of the State Security Service of Ukraine handed over laptops to the employees of the institution, which can be used for the needs of the court until its complete technical restoration. "Today I can confidently say, and you can see it yourself, that the State Court of Ukraine, the Territorial Administration of the State Court of Ukraine in the Kyiv region, made maximum efforts to fully restore the work of the court. We hope that the local self-government bodies will also make a significant contribution to the reconstruction of its premises – at least the roof will be repaired with their help," said Oleksiy Salnikov.

Also, during the meeting, many questions were asked to People's Deputies, members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Legal Policy, Serhiy Demchenko and Maksym Dyrdin, in particular, regarding the remuneration of court staff. As Serhiy Demchenko emphasized, despite the fact that there is a war going on in the country and all funds are directed to the needs of the Ukrainian army, the Committee of the VRU, together with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the heads of bodies and institutions in the justice system, continue to work on solving the problem of proper payment of court staff. "The judicial system no longer has funds that can be taken to finance other needs. But, at the same time, the judicial power, if not the most, contributed to ensuring the state's defense capability, then definitely not the least. Therefore, we are now seriously working on solving this problem, so that it does not happen that the systematic approach to the payment of the employees of the courts will be changed, and there will be no one to pay the money, because highly qualified specialists are laid off," said Serhiy Demchenko. According to him, in this most difficult time for the state, the judicial system did not surrender its positions, but ensured the administration of justice, thus proving its ability to stand in the most difficult periods to protect the rights and freedoms of people, and therefore the state, whose citizens they are.

Source: Legal Bulletin of Ukraine

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