Attorneys should not modify previously issued warrants

From January 1, 2022, a single type of attorney's warrants will be in effect in Ukraine – generated automatically through the attorney's personal office in the Unified Register of Attorneys of Ukraine. However, after canceling the ability to issue warrants on printed forms, there is no need to change warrants issued earlier.

Warrants issued by a lawyer by filling in a form from the book of warrant forms continue to be valid until the end of the lawyer's authority in the relevant case.
This is provided for in clause 5 of the Decision of the Bar Council of Ukraine dated April 12, 2019 No. 41 , which approved the new version of the Regulation on the warrant for the provision of legal (legal) assistance .
According to the specified point:
A standard warrant form, printed by order of the Bar Council of the region in accordance with the Regulation on a warrant for the provision of legal assistance and the procedure for keeping a register of warrants, approved by the decision of the Bar Council of Ukraine No. 36 of December 17, 2012, with changes and additions, valid after January 1, 2022 year before the end of the attorney's mandate in a specific case (proceeding).
We would like to remind you that according to the current regulations, warrant forms, according to the approved standard form, are generated in the corresponding section of the "Personal office of the lawyer" on the official website of the National Bar Association of Ukraine, following the system commands.
Further accounting of the generated orders is carried out automatically by the electronic database management system of ERA. The history of the generation of warrants is displayed in the corresponding section of the "Personal cabinet of the lawyer".
Procedure for issuing a lawyer's warrant
Lawyers, associations of lawyers or law offices initiate the generation of warrants, respectively, from:
  • lawyers who practice law individually,
  • heads (authorized persons) of the bar association, bar bureau
  • official website of NAAU,
  • in the bar council of the region,
  • or, as an exception, in the cases stipulated by the Bar Council of Ukraine, directly at the National Bar Association of Ukraine.
A warrant issued by a lawyer, who performs his activities individually, is signed by the lawyer and certified with a seal, if available.
A warrant issued by a lawyer's office or a lawyer's association must contain:
  • the signature of the lawyer who provides legal (legal) assistance on the basis of this warrant, and
  • signature of the head of the bar office, bar association and
  • sealed with the seal of a legal entity.
The warrant, in the form established by these Regulations, is a proper and sufficient confirmation of the lawyer's authority to act in the interests of the client.
Please note that the option of generating warrants will be available only to those lawyers who have paid the annual fee for the implementation of lawyer self-government.
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