Gratitude from the front: soldiers of the 79th ODSHBr visited the Bar Council of the Kyiv region with a combat souvenir

Today, a soldier from the 79th ODSHBr and our fellow lawyer Dmytro Moroz visited the Bar Council of the Kyiv region. He and his comrades in air reconnaissance sincerely thanked the Council for its support. We will remind you that throughout the war, the lawyers of the Kyiv region handed over unmanned aerial vehicles, smart watches, electronic devices, monetary aid, etc. to the Armed Forces.

As a combat souvenir, a sleeve from a 152-mm projectile with the autographs of soldiers was handed over to RAKO.

The Chairman of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region, Petro Boyko, thanked the military for such a sincere display of attention, noting the following: "Guys, a low bow to you from our large family of lawyers for your heroism, for your love for Ukraine, for our protection! May not a single bullet, not a single piece of debris touch you, may God take away from you any trouble and attack. Victory to you and to us!!!"

In his turn, Dmytro Moroz noted that the help from his native Bar Council of the Kyiv region is very important, and he, as a lawyer, is proud of his colleagues for supporting the front.

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