Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!


Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

Dear lawyers! We congratulate you on the most significant holiday of every citizen – Independence Day.

Day by day, we are rebuilding our own state, reviving the sense of master on our own land that has been forgotten for years, laying the foundations of the future for our children.

For many years now, August 24 has turned from the official date into the biggest, main holiday of Ukraine. Today we are all stronger than yesterday. The same applies to the independence of the bar as a legal institution. We cannot be enslaved or broken. And together, we really are a force: either in court battles or on the battlefield.

Today, we are still forced, like many previous generations of Ukrainians, to defend our independence with weapons in hand. The lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters are the price that Ukraine pays to defend its sovereignty and its right to independently choose its future.

Our independence is realized, not formal, it is a successful Ukrainian state. We must protect our land and carry out profound transformations in our state that will ensure sustainable economic progress and integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic intellectual, economic, legal and political space.

Today is the Great Independence Day of us as a people, nation and country. In order to live freely, to breathe freely, to live as we want, today blood is shed profusely, the best sons and daughters give their health and life! That is why our holiday is so valuable, that is why it is so dear and dear to us!

Happy holiday, dear colleagues! Victory to you and we wish you to live in a happy, rich Ukraine!

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your family good health, peace, goodness, happiness, prosperity, generous fate and further victories in all matters.

Glory to Ukraine!

Bar Council of the Kyiv region



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