Happy Lawyer’s Day!


Happy Lawyer’s Day!

Dear colleagues!

Accept the most sincere congratulations on the occasion of the professional holiday – Lawyer's Day!

Being a lawyer today is a great responsibility to people and society. After all, despite the closure of access to state registers, the complex and changing legislation of the wartime period, lawyers continue to fulfill their duty, thereby bringing our victory closer.

Nowadays, many lawyers work for the benefit of our country not only in the professional field, but also defend their Motherland with weapons in their hands, engage in volunteer activities and financially support our soldiers.

We are sure that high professionalism, a conscious sense of responsibility will help you to always be on top of the demands and challenges of our time.

We wish our legal colleagues new achievements in their professional activities, good health and a speedy victory over the enemy! May your professional efforts be rewarded with the respect and trust of clients, confidence in the reliable and fair protection of their rights and legitimate interests.

Peaceful sky and victory!

Happy Lawyer's Day!

Glory to Ukraine!

Sincerely, Chairman of the Bar Council

Petro Boyko of Kyiv region

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