Happy New Year 2023!


Happy New Year 2023!

Dear lawyers!

On behalf of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region, please accept our sincere congratulations on the Christmas and New Year holidays, which for us have always been and will be a family amulet, a countdown to new beginnings and ideas, a start for new dreams and the achievement of goals.

Last year seemed almost the most difficult in the entire history of independence. Every citizen of Ukraine felt the devastating consequences of the war.

However, we DID NOT GIVE UP! They showed considerable resilience and gave a worthy rebuff to the aggressor on the battlefield. We are proud of our soldiers, deeply grateful to everyone who protects us, supports the army. We want all our heroes to come back alive.

In this difficult time, the new mission of the bar is manifested – to help citizens in compensation for the damage caused by the war.

The world will forever remember 2022 as the year of indomitable and brave Ukrainians. Year of Heroes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine! And we will do everything to remember 2023 as the year of the Victory of independent, free, indomitable Ukraine.

We will win, because God and the ZSU are with us! Let's believe in ourselves, support our neighbors, help the weak, do good and work for the future of the country.

Peaceful sky, strength and effort to everyone.

Glory to Ukraine!

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