How a lawyer can register an electronic office in EUITS (video)

Those lawyers who still do not have their own electronic office in the Unified Judicial Information and Telecommunication System have a little more than one month left to fulfill the corresponding requirement of the Law.

In order to help lawyers in registering electronic offices in EUITS, the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine prepared step-by-step video instructions .

As a reminder, the ECITS electronic cabinet is a personal cabinet (web service or other user interface) in a subsystem (module), through which a person who has passed electronic identification is granted access to information and services of the Unified Judicial Information and Telecommunication System or its separate subsystems (modules), including the possibility of exchanging (sending and receiving) documents (including procedural documents, written and electronic evidence, etc.) between the court and the participants in the legal process, as well as between the participants in the legal process.

On October 18, 2023, the Law dated June 29, 2023 No. 3200-IX “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Mandatory Registration and Use of Electronic Cabinets in the Unified Judicial Information and Telecommunication System or its Separate Subsystem (Module)” will enter into force, which ensures the exchange of documents”.

Amended by this law, the wording of Art. 6 of the Economic Procedure Code, Art. 14 of the Civil Procedure Code and Art. 17 of the Code of Administrative Proceedings provide that lawyers are obliged to register their electronic offices in EUITS or its separate subsystem (module), which ensures the exchange of documents.

The issue of implementation of this provision of the Law was the subject of consideration at the meeting of the Bar Council of Ukraine on August 11. According to the decision of the RAU No. 67 , all lawyers engaged in legal practice must register with EUITS. When registering with EUITS, they are obliged to indicate the email address specified by them in the Unified Register of Advocates of Ukraine. Among other things, the RAU also recommended to the regional bar councils, in the case of appeals by lawyers, regardless of their workplace address, to provide them with the necessary technical assistance in registering an electronic office in EUITS.

By law, a person who has registered an electronic account is served by the court with any documents in cases in which such a person participates exclusively in electronic form by sending them to the electronic account of such a person, which does not deprive him of the right to receive a copy of the court decision in paper form form on a separate application.

Official electronic addresses that were registered before the entry into force of the Law will be considered electronic offices and will be used by the court, participants in the case according to the rules and in the order that will be in effect after the entry into force of the Law.

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