Lawyer’s fee: how much do lawyers pay abroad


Lawyer’s fee: how much do lawyers pay abroad

In all countries, lawyers in one way or another pay contributions to ensure the implementation of lawyer self-government. Somewhere they are bigger, somewhere smaller. Sometimes it depends on the region or the lawyer’s experience. Some bar associations introduce the possibility of installments.

General information about the payment of the lawyer’s fee in different countries was provided by the foreign representatives of NAAU.

Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland and Canada were included in the group of the most “expensive” jurisdictions.

Thus, in the smallest country in Europe, the annual lawyer’s fee is 1.8 thousand. euros (74.8 thousand hryvnias, here and further to facilitate comparison, all national currencies are converted into hryvnias as of the date of publication of the material ). In order to have the pleasure of starting the working day with fragrant Viennese coffee, local lawyers pay 1.6 thousand per year. euros (66.8 thousand hryvnias).

On the emerald isle, the stakes are even higher. Barristers in Ireland have to pay 2 thousand only in the first year of practice. euros (83.1 thousand hryvnias). And this amount gradually increases with increasing seniority. So, those who have been practicing for more than ten years will have to spend as much as 6 thousand. euros (249.4 thousand hryvnias) every year!

In the province of Alberta (Canada), the annual contribution is 79,000. UAH For non-practicing lawyers who are active members of self-government, as well as those who are partially employed members of the association, a preferential amount of 39.5 thousand has been established. A symbolic fee is paid only by lawyers who provide services exclusively pro-bono. It is 6.9 thousand. UAH for a year.

Turkey, Moldova, Bulgaria and Cyprus can be called the “cheapest” countries in terms of contributions. Yes, 1.7 thousand hryvnias is enough for an Istanbul bar. per year, and Ankara even less – 1.4 thousand. In Bulgaria, the annual contribution is 4.6 thousand, in Moldova – 2.6 thousand.

Membership fees for lawyers in Cyprus start at 68 euros (2.8 thousand) and gradually increase to 171 euros (7.1 thousand) when the work experience crosses the 10-year anniversary.

Many countries practice increasing contributions with increasing seniority. Thus, in Portugal, young lawyers up to the age of 4 pay 148 euros (6.2 thousand UAH). In the fifth and sixth years, the contribution is already 247 euros (10.3 thousand hryvnias). And lawyers with registration for more than six years must pay 345 euros (14.4 thousand hryvnias) every year. The same amount is provided for pensioners with a permit to practice law. Contributions can be paid not in one sum, but once a month. However, in this case, the annual contribution increases by 7.7%.

A similar approach to payment in installments is practiced in Hungary. There, the lawyer’s contribution, subject to full payment, is 15.4 thousand. UAH In the case of quarterly payment, the contribution increases to 17.2 thousand.

It is normal practice to have different amounts of contributions depending on the region of the country. Yes, in the USA, contributions vary by state and this year, for example, in Florida – 10.5 thousand UAH, in Illinois – 14.6 thousand, in Maryland – 7.6 thousand UAH.

In Spain, quotas are provided for each collegium of a province or city. They range from 7.2 thousand UAH to UAH 15.2. It is noteworthy that contributions are also provided for non-practicing lawyers.

The amounts of attorney’s fees in Poland may also be interesting. They pay there: in Warsaw – 15,000. UAH for a year; in Katowice – 16.0; in Wroclaw – 18.1; in Lublin – 17.5; in Gdańsk – 20.4; in Krakow – 21.7.

It is appropriate to mention that in Ukraine, the annual contribution to ensure the implementation of self-government by lawyers in 2024 amounts to UAH 3,028. (equivalent to EUR 72.8) for all lawyers practicing law.

We remind you that it is necessary to fulfill the obligation to pay the contribution by January 31, 2024 by transferring the funds in two payments to the bank accounts of the self-government bodies of lawyers according to the following distribution:

  • 70% of the amount of the annual contribution – to the current account of the Bar Council of the region;
  • 30% of the amount of the annual contribution – to the current account of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine.

Lawyers can both independently generate receipts for online payment of the contribution in their personal account, and directly in the “Payments” section of the NAAU website.


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