RAU simplified the execution of warrants during martial law


RAU simplified the execution of warrants during martial law

The Bar Council of Ukraine has made changes to the Regulation on the warrant for the provision of legal (legal) assistance in order to simplify the preparation of documents necessary for legal practice during martial law.

" During the period of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, it is allowed for law offices/law associations to issue a warrant without sealing it with the seal of a legal entity and without the signature of the head of the law association or law office.

The legal relationship between the lawyer who provides legal (legal) assistance on the basis of this order and the bar association, the bar office is regulated by the internal documents of these organizational and legal forms of the practice of advocacy," reads the decision of the RAU dated April 29, 2022.

A warrant for the provision of legal assistance is a written document certifying the attorney's authority to provide legal assistance in the cases and procedure established by the Law of Ukraine " On Advocacy and Advocacy ".

The warrant is issued by a lawyer who carries out individual activities; by a lawyer's office or a lawyer's association and must contain the lawyer's signature. The Bar Council of Ukraine approves the standard form of the warrant, as well as the uniform rules for the production, registration, storage, and accounting of warrants for all lawyers of Ukraine, bar associations and bureaus.

The warrant of the established form is mandatory for acceptance by all bodies, institutions, organizations to confirm the attorney's authority to perform the actions provided for in Article 20 of the Law "On Advocacy and Advocacy".

WARNING! Since 2019 , warrant forms have been generated online through the "Personal Office of a lawyer" on the official website of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.

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