The Committee for Veterans and Social Protection of Lawyers of the Kyiv Region Bar Council celebrated its 5th anniversary

On January 11, 2024, a solemn meeting of the Committee for Veterans and Social Protection of Lawyers of the Bar Council of the Kyiv Region was held at the Rus Hotel.

After congratulatory words from the chairman of the Council Petro Boyk , the chairman of the KDKA of the Kyiv region Volodymyr Polishchuk , the chairman of the Committee Oleg Chornobai and the deputy chairman of the Committee Mykola Zamkovenko, the honorary title “Veteran of the Bar” was awarded to 36 lawyers of the Kyiv region.

This distinction and order is awarded to those lawyers whose experience in the profession is 20 years or more.

But a veteran is not a pensioner at all. Moreover, as Oleg Chornobai rightly pointed out, now are the times when the experience of veterans of the bar can be useful to all lawyers. Therefore, it is not lawyers who “take care” of the Committee, but the Committee – of all lawyers, which is confirmed by the creation and successful functioning of the Charity Fund to help lawyers of the Kyiv region under the leadership of Mykola Zamkovenko.

By the way, the chairman of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region, Petro Boyko, highly praised the activity of Mykola Zamkovenko, calling him “the heart and engine of the Committee.” And Oleg Chornobai confirmed that Mykola Ivanovych’s ideas are always timely, of high quality and inspire creative work within the team.

In his turn, Mykola Ivanovych, recalling the first meeting of the Committee on January 11, 2019, emphasized that without the help of the head of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region, it would be difficult for the members of the Committee to perform their functions. After all, such a Committee is the only one among all regional councils of the bar of Ukraine, so a lot had to be worked out, as they say, “from scratch”. As a sign of respect, a rare publication on criminal law was presented to Petr Boyko.

After the official part, the members of the Committee and veterans of the bar continued communication in an informal setting.

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