The head of the CCS of the Supreme Court spoke about the state of judicial proceedings regarding war crimes


The head of the CCS of the Supreme Court spoke about the state of judicial proceedings regarding war crimes

For 450 days now, the Ukrainian resistance to full-scale and open Russian expansion, which is accompanied by the aggressors committing crimes of aggression, war crimes, crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity, has been going on for 450 days.

In most cases, the specified crimes are recorded, documented and entered into the Unified State Register of Pretrial Investigations. According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, as of May 19, 2023, 88,002 such crimes were registered.

Stanislav Kravchenko, head of the Criminal Court of Cassation within the Supreme Court, informed about this during the international conference “Ensure justice for Ukraine. The crime of aggression, war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide.”

He emphasized that such a number of registered criminal proceedings is not only a formal entry of data into the Register, because every crime is carefully recorded and investigated by law enforcement agencies. At the same time, the investigator’s work is impossible without judicial control, since most investigative actions must be authorized by the court.

That is why, from the first days of full-scale aggression, the courts faced an important and responsible task – to ensure that the evidence base was properly recorded and could be used.

According to the chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice, almost 100 criminal proceedings regarding war crimes have been brought to the courts today, and this category of cases is one of the most prioritized.

In addition, the speaker drew attention to the fact that during the period of martial law, 19 changes were made to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, as the norms that existed before the start of a full-scale war needed to be improved. In addition, the legislator made 21 changes to the CPC of Ukraine.

Stanislav Kravchenko also noted the relevance of the “Sunflowers” project (Poland), the purpose of which is to create a platform for the safe transfer, storage and provision of information about international crimes, victims of these crimes to legitimate authorities, and assistance in obtaining compensation and psychological support. He expressed his gratitude for such an initiative and noted that this project is an important aid in the investigation, objective coverage of events in Ukraine and ensuring the establishment of justice.

The event was organized by the Ukrainian and Polish sections of the International Criminal Law Association, the EU project “Law-Justice” and the project “Sunflowers” (Poland).

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