The option of generating warrants from ЕРАУ for debtor lawyers will be disabled in March

Lawyers who did not have time to pay the annual fee by January 31, 2021 will be able to use the option of generating warrants online in February. Previously, it was expected that access to this option would be blocked from February 1.

This was discussed at the meeting of the Bar Council of Ukraine on January 28 of this year.
The fact is that not all lawyers pay contributions through a personal account in the ERAU, and therefore it will be unfair to close access to the ERAU generation option from February 1, 2022. In particular, due to the fact that there is no complete data on the payment of contributions by lawyers from the regions.
Therefore, the RAU decided that during February (before the next meeting of the RAU), the regions will sum up the payment of annual contributions for the implementation of the self-governance of lawyers, and at the next meeting in February will make a decision on the further possibility of generating warrants.
Most likely, this option will be blocked for debtors' lawyers as of March 1, 2022.
We remind you that lawyers must pay the annual fee by January 31 of the year for which the fee is paid.
This year, the amount of the annual contribution is UAH 2,481.
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