The service of sending letters by Ukrposhta has been added to the lawyer’s personal office

The National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine together with the company "Postal Service "E-POST" introduced a new service for sending documents without the need to visit the post office. The service is simple and convenient to use. Access to it is open in the lawyer's electronic office. Use of the service is not mandatory for lawyers.

The new service provides that you can send the necessary letters directly from your computer, and the "E-POST" Postal Service will print them, pack them in envelopes and send them to the addressees. At the same time, you receive a shipping receipt at the time of shipment. It is about sending copies and scanned copies of documents.

The shipping price is similar to the cost of Ukrposhta. The service works around the clock, 7 days a week. Details about the service can be viewed here .

The electronic court has finally become fully electronic! The requirement of procedural codes to provide confirmation of sending copies of pleadings to the other party has been resolved entirely by digital methods.

In the near future, it is planned to expand the service to send correspondence abroad.

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