We congratulate the rector of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine Tetiana Viktorivna Varfolomeeva on her birthday!

Tetyana Viktorivna Varfolomeeva , Doctor of Law, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine since 2002, is celebrating her birthday today. — Rector of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine.

Dear Tetyana Viktorivna!

Accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of your birthday!

The highest professionalism, talent, boundless devotion to work, hard work and perseverance in achieving the set goals allowed you to achieve significant success in your activities, to gain respect and honor among colleagues and students.

May your path be filled with new heights and achievements, and human honor will thank you for your fruitful work, sensitivity, ability to do good.

Good health, well-being, peace, generous fate, happiness in life, creative effort in responsible work, fulfillment of cherished dreams and hopes!

Good luck in everything planned and new fruitful achievements, and most importantly – the earliest Victory of Ukraine!

Bar Council of the Kyiv region

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