Glory to the “Evil Partisans” of Kyiv Region! Confession of a lawyer about the war

The Kyiv Region Bar Council received a letter from our colleague Leonid Sydorenko , a lawyer with many years of experience (practicing since 1999).

Living in the village Makarov, he never thought that he would have to look into the eyes of death. But the war had other plans…

Next is the direct speech of an eyewitness to the events.


Glory to Ukraine!

With words of infinite gratitude to the defenders of Ukraine, so that no one and nothing is forgotten, I would like (briefly, without unnecessary details and detailing the horrors) to inform about the known circumstances of the events, which I personally witnessed and my family (wife and child five years), while staying in the village Makarov during the undeclared treacherous invasion of the armed forces of the Russian Federation on the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

And I want to tell about our local heroes, who saved more than one family in Makarov, carried out substantial resistance to the racist invaders, discovered and reported to the Armed Forces the location of the enemy's equipment and the location of the enemy's manpower for further targeted destruction.

Yes, in the village A group of fighters called "Evil Partisans" was gathered in Makarov. As far as I know, their weapons were mostly trophies, and their equipment was their own. The group included fighters with the callsigns "Elf", "Guide", "Ghost" and others. I know that in the first days of the war, they were engaged in reconnaissance and providing the coordinates of the enemy's equipment with a description of the number of units.

Below I would like to report on the combat operations of the "Evil Partisans" group known to me (because I saw it with my own eyes).


They fought in the golf club itself, where they penetrated through a hole in the concrete fence (which the orcs broke through) and, as they say, gave nightmares to the Rashists. That's why they didn't even get out of there for a long time because they were afraid to run into our group.


There was a combat clash between "evil partisans" and Russo-fascists, as a result of which a helicopter was shot down. There were other combat clashes on the outskirts of Makarov, where the partisans were fired upon by enemy BMP. At that time, I thought that the "partisans" were no longer alive, because they were covered by heavy fire, but the group managed to leave without casualties.

I think that I was not the only one who saw and heard how the "Evil Partisans" group worked. And they managed everywhere: both on the outskirts of Makarov (the "brick" district), and closer to the village. Gavronshchyna, and in the direction of the village. Andriivka and S. Lypovka

I can't express the feeling of joy when they came to my house almost every day. And it was nice to tears to see how the group regularly protected our settlement from 27.03 to 06.04, checking all the houses from time to time (first on the field in front of the golf club, and then on the territory of the club itself). There is no doubt that our "Evil Guerrillas" kept the orks in fear: sometimes they climbed over the fence to the golf club, then they appeared near the "aero-engineering", then they showed themselves near the hospital (unfinished buildings), then they attacked at the intersection of the ring road with the road to Lypivka (direction from Andriivka).

I will not tell about all the exploits of our heroes. Thank God, they are alive, they are well known in Makarov, and if they want, they will tell everything themselves.

But I must tell about my own acquaintance with them.


Like all men, my friends and I signed up for military service at the cinema and medical school. The answer to all of us was the same: there are many people, there are no weapons, wait at home and they will call you… (by the way, they didn't wait…)

It's good that the first to visit us (and this is the "Kirpichny" district, the village of Makariv) were the "Evil Partisans".

It is good that it was they who gave us not only protection, but also HOPE! Because later, when there was no light or communication, without information, they simply did not know what to expect.

Of course, we each exchanged information. We talked about everything that we saw during the day and at night, what kind of equipment and where it was, where it was going, where the raiders had gone. Then the partisans additionally (personally) checked the specified information, and as a result, artillery strikes were carried out by our Armed Forces in those places. For example, the Rashists liked to "stay" in a golf club with all the equipment, where they sat down and flew.

It was thanks to the actions of the partisans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that at night they launched an artillery barrage on the discovered equipment of the Rashists, as a result of which the Buk installation, Kamaz, a tractor and a tank were hit and destroyed near the golf club, and all the Rashists fled to the territory of the golf club and hid.

In the morning, I personally checked the consequences of the blow with my neighbors. There were surviving ammunition there, namely two boxes with grenades, a box of plastid, horns with cartridges, bulletproof vests… But we didn't have time to take them away, because they were fired at from an armored personnel carrier, which unexpectedly drove up along the fence of the golf club in the direction of the Havron region. But a few minutes before the appearance of the armored personnel carrier, we felt calm, so we had time to take photos and videos, examine the ammunition and, of course, inform everyone we could, as well as our "Evil partisans" (they later took everything they could from there). This is how trophies are won. And it was extremely dangerous, because the orcs also watched over their equipment.


My wife and I hoped to the last that our armed forces would completely destroy that racist evil, and we did not leave our homes… But, unfortunately, there were a lot of Kadyrivians, and there were hundreds of meters to their units.

For 11 days and nights, my family was at war…

Our house is only 400-500 m from the fence of the golf club. And on February 27, 2022, the enemy's combat and auxiliary equipment stopped at the golf club.

Tanks, armored personnel carriers, BMP, "beech", Kamaz, Urals, excavators, etc. All this flashed before our eyes (and our people were immediately informed about all this). When the bombardment of the convoy of Kadyriv troops on the territory of the golf club began, everything flew over us…

Racist rotorcraft also literally flew over our house…

And at night, if not shelling, then enemy drones flew under the windows…

What did you do?

They turned off the light.

Mobile communications were jammed.

But all the same, they were in front of the Rashists like in the palm of their hands. Because they had to turn on at least the fireplace (yes, they knew that smoke was visible, but…), because the child needed warmth and at least some food.

There were many events during this time, but they were very short.


In the morning, Kadyriv soldiers broke into our yard on the "Ural". The gate was broken on the way.

Immediately – shooting, screams. Us with a woman and a child – on our knees, under machine guns.

They threatened to shoot right here on the street, because we are "gunners" (the windows of our house overlook the golf club).

Then they thought that they would take us with them, but during the attack on Kyiv they would cover us as a "human shield".

They complained that they were being targeted by the Armed Forces, and someone should answer for that.

Among the orcs was a Chechen (senior), two Udmurts of some kind, or some other cross-eyed, and two Russians.

They kept us outside for about two hours. And all this time I was telling, trying to explain to the Russians that this is not 1941, that "gunners" from the ground are not really needed, because they are being beaten by "Bayraktars". After all, a gunner won't burn his own house with wood to get smoke. We were saved by the fact that there were neither binoculars nor a spyglass in the house. As if convinced.

But while two of them were keeping us in sight, the others were looting (they took clothes, equipment, products, found and took away all cash savings, even hryvnias were taken from wallets).

In the end, they said that I have only 5 minutes ("to think") and confess where the "Banderivites" are and where the weapons are. It was foolish of me to answer that "this question is about nothing."

They got angry.

Two rascals strapped bayonets to machine guns, and I thought that was the end…

He said goodbye to life and his family.

But here the orcs found vodka – and changed their minds. They took all the loot and left: "Say thank you to the child, that's how we would shoot you… We're not even a step away from the house, or we'll shoot you right away."

There was no point in cleaning the house anymore, there was horror, the freaks broke and turned everything over.


Our dear partisans came running. They saw everything, heard from us about yesterday's events, and reported that they drove away the orcs a little (the forces are completely unequal in number). We had only 15 minutes to get dressed, take our documents and fly out of the house under their cover.

That is the whole story of our acquaintance with the "evil partisans" who saved our lives. Because the very next day absolute evil began there. From what we know – raids, terror, violence, murders… But this is another story.

Our family was saved by a miracle! Baby! And our relatives and the kindest partisans in the world, and the Lord God!!!!


In addition to our family, the partisans informed many other people about the need to leave their homes immediately. Those who managed to evacuate are infinitely grateful to the partisans. Low bow to them.

Glory to heroes!!!

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