Hot weekdays of the Committee for the Protection of Guarantees of Advocacy on the eve of a professional holiday

Last week seemed to be very passionate for the members of the Committee for the Protection of Guarantees of Advocacy – search trips required promptness, unity and high professionalism.

The Committee Members' immediate response to reports of searches (and there were 2 and 3 searches per day) evokes respect and gratitude among colleagues and leads to high-quality performance of their professional duties by the Committee members.

This week, active members of the Committee A. Orlov, A. Domanskyi, I. Bernatskyi, V. Shiposha, L. Sivakov, V. Kocherga, I. Putraims, S. Zakharchenko took the professional "hit" on themselves this week.

Practically no search goes smoothly and without disturbances.

But the keen eye of the Committee members quickly detects violations, and law enforcement officers in most cases are forced to bring their actions into compliance with the current legislation under pressure from the Committee members.

Unfortunately, the members of the Committee are sometimes forced to state GROSS violations and physically prevent law enforcement officers who try to search illegally. Yes, last week, among the searches that went more or less calmly for colleagues, there were searches where the members of the Committee needed not only legal knowledge, but also physical training. During one of the raids, the members of the Committee discovered unreliable data in the search warrant and were forced to physically resist for several hours in order to prevent the law enforcement officers from entering the object of the search. The law enforcement officers, under the pressure of the members of the Committee, were forced to turn to the investigating judge in order to correct the deficiencies in the decision. And already in the evening, the prosecutor brought the appropriate decision to conduct a search. And the illegal actions continued. The prosecutor decided to conduct the search himself, at the same time he acted in excess of his official authority, did not provide (did not have at all) a resolution on the identification of a group of prosecutors, behaved extremely defiantly, in violation of prosecutorial ethics, and for an hour did not allow the members of the Committee to participate in the investigation. And only after the persistent professional actions of the Members of the Committee for the Protection of Guarantees of Advocacy, the prosecutor had to study some provisions of the Law "On Advocacy and Advocacy", and he was forced to allow the Committee Members to perform their duties.

During the entire search, which lasted until 10 p.m., the members of the Committee restrained the illegal actions of the law enforcement officers and properly recorded all violations.

The Committee for the Protection of Guarantees of Lawyer Activity of the Kyiv Region is proud of its effective and professional work, which helps every lawyer of the Kyiv Region Bar Council and all lawyers who carry out their activities in the Kyiv Region to feel calm and protected from the illegal actions of law enforcement officers.

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