January 31 is the last day to pay contributions for the current year

Payment of contributions to ensure the implementation of self-government of the bar in 2022 can be made on the NAAU website.

The automatic generation of receipts is available at this link for lawyers who are registered with ЕРАУ and have an electronic lawyer's office.
By January 31, lawyers must pay 70% of the contribution or UAH 1,736.70 to the accounts of the regional bar councils and 30% of the contribution or UAH 744.3 to the account of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.
We draw the attention of lawyers to the fact that payment must be made in exactly two payments to different accounts!!!
When making a payment through banking applications (Privat24, Monobank), pay attention to the accuracy of the automatic filling of the payment destination! By default, the system reproduces last year's data! Lawyers who mistakenly indicated the year 2021 instead of 2022 in the purpose of payment should submit to NAAU applications in an arbitrary form to clarify the purpose of the payment made (a scanned copy with a signature) to the e-mail address
Based on the decisions of the RAU No. 22 of February 14, 2020 and No. 4 of March 19, 2021, 545 lawyers in the current year have an exemption for paying the contribution to the NAAU. More than 500 applications for exemption from payment of fees from lawyers belonging to privileged categories are under consideration. Information on the exemption from payment of contributions is communicated to the lawyer through his Personal Online Cabinet on the NAAU website.
Regarding contributions, communication with NAAU is carried out exclusively via email .
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