KVED for advocacy: what to specify


KVED for advocacy: what to specify

For the organization of reporting and taxation in Ukraine, there is a Classifier of types of economic activity. When starting a lawyer’s activity, during the registration of law offices and associations, you will have to decide on the correct areas of activity according to the KVED.

The classifier systematizes the types of activities carried out by business entities in Ukraine. With regard to a specific enterprise, the selected codes should cover all possible directions of its work. After all, it is possible to conduct business only within the limits of the codes recorded in the registration documents. And an incorrectly selected main code, as well as other codes in some cases, can even attract fines. On the other hand, if during registration you indicated a few extra, then this does not oblige you to engage in all the specified activities.

In the current KVED-2010, the codes for advocacy activities can be found in Section M “Professional, scientific and technical activities”.

It is clear that the main activity during state registration should be 69.10 “Activities in the field of law”.

This code covers, among other things, the legal representation of the interests of one party opposing another party in courts or other judicial bodies. These are consulting services and representation in civil and criminal cases, in labor disputes.

Also, the code covers general consultations and drafting of legal documents, including the registration of enterprises, charters of enterprises and other documents related to the creation of enterprises, patents and copyrights, preparation of various legal documents, wills, instructions, etc.

Also, the codes that will be entered into the Unified State Register can indicate:

  • 69.20 Activities in the field of accounting and auditing; tax consulting (including consulting services and client representation services in tax authorities);
  • 70.21 Public relations activities;
  • 70.22 Business and management consulting;
  • 82.11 Provision of combined office administrative services;
  • 82.19 Photocopying, preparation of documents and other specialized auxiliary office activities;
  • 63.99 Provision of other information services.

Mentioned in the list of consulting on commercial activity and management involves the provision of consulting services, management and organizational support to companies and other organizations on management issues, corporate strategic and operational planning, determination of business development directions, change management, cost reduction and other financial issues, marketing goals and policies, personnel policies, compensation and pension strategies, production planning and control.
Also, the provision of commercial services may include consulting, management and organizational support for companies and public organizations regarding:

  • design of accounting methods and rules, reporting programs, budget control procedures;
  • consulting and support of companies and public organizations in the field of planning, organizational measures, ensuring efficiency and control, management information, etc.

This class includes the activities of arbitration managers (property managers, rehabilitation managers, liquidators).

The extended interpretation of the given codes of KVED-2010 can be read further at the link .

The material was prepared by Bohdan Kushnir, head of the NAAU Committee on Advocacy Practice.

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