Lawyers of Kyiv Region participate in the Congress of European Bar Associations


Lawyers of Kyiv Region participate in the Congress of European Bar Associations

From October 5 to 7, 2023, the Congress of European Bar Associations will be held in Gdańsk (Poland), with the participation of a delegation from the Kyiv Region Bar Council. The lawyers of the Kyiv Region are represented by RAKO members Olga Demidyuk and Regina Huseynova-Chekurda.

The main topics of this year's Congress in Gdańsk were the rule of law, ChatGPT and … reconstruction of Ukraine (!).

Therefore, according to Regina Huseynova-Chekurda, the messages spread by the enemy that "Europe is tired of the war in Ukraine" or "Ukraine is no longer interesting to Europeans" are completely untrue. On the contrary, the RAKO delegation barely had time to answer numerous questions from foreign colleagues.

For example, French lawyer Dominique Attias was so impressed by the story of our colleague Lyudmila Kabanets, who is now defending Ukraine with a weapon in her hands, that she posted about her on her page. For many European lawyers, it became a real discovery how many Ukrainian lawyers stood up to defend their own country in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Surprisingly, according to foreign lawyers, there is very little information about the course of the war against Russia in their media. They looked at photos of Ukrainian lawyers before and during the war – and questioned, questioned, questioned…

"Our task is not to let people forget that there is a war between two civilizations in Ukraine. And the corporate solidarity of lawyers all over the world is an underestimated thing. In any country, lawyers are opinion leaders. And it is very important that the issue of helping Ukrainians, lawyers, and Ukraine as a whole does not fall off the agenda until our victory. And, of course, there must be a permanent understanding on the part of the international community that a terrorist country cannot be tolerated in any sphere", – members of the delegation of the Kyiv Region Bar Council shared their plans to participate in the Congress.

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