No matter what happens, lawyers will always come to the aid of colleagues!

The events of the last few days gave reason for the appearance on the Facebook network of unfounded fears such as "who will now stand in defense of the rights of lawyers", "where to turn to lawyers in case of searches", etc.

First of all, it should be noted that the Committee for the Protection of Lawyers' Rights did not stop its activities for a moment.

And its reorganization into two committees in no way affected either the fate of the previous members of the Committee (all of them, without exception, were offered to join the work in the new format), or the protection of the rights and guarantees of advocacy.

As an example, the prompt and effective work of the two newly created committees regarding the case, which was connected with a possible attack by activists on the office of the Barristers' Bar Association, can be cited.

The day before, the Bar Council of the Kyiv region received a letter from the lawyer Kostyantyn Globa , in which the defense attorney stated the indisputable facts of events aimed "at the destruction of Barristers."

In order to prevent any negative development of events, the head of the Committee for the Protection of Lawyers' Rights of the Kyiv Oblast Bar Council Andriy Hrubskyi sent relevant messages to the National Police, and the head of the Committee for the Protection of Guarantees of Advocacy of the Kyiv Oblast Bar Council Leonid Sivakov organized the departure of RAKO members and the first members of the newly created Committees to the place of events.

Thanks to the coordinated team movements, the immediate reaction of the lawyers of the Kyiv region and the proper work of the police, it was possible to avoid any provocations regarding the Barristers bar association.

A vivid example and confirmation that the protection of lawyers' rights has always been and will remain a priority area of activity of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region.

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