Spring has come to the Bar Council of the Kyiv region!


Spring has come to the Bar Council of the Kyiv region!

On March 3, 2023, the Bar Council of the Kyiv region was filled with flowers, smiles, spring mood and beauty thanks to women lawyers of the Kyiv region!

And for a moment it even seemed that not only the month of February had already ended, but also the entire previous "February" year.

War really prompts a rethinking of values and holidays. In Diya, there is even a vote on whether to leave March 8 as a day off after the end of martial law. But it's not about a day off or specific dates, but about emotions and the corresponding mood. After all, in our stormy times of stress, uncertainty and exhaustion, the very fact of attention and congratulations is pleasant.

And yesterday, a real warm, blooming and smiling spring reigned in the Bar Council of the Kyiv region!

The head of the Bar Council of the Kyiv region Petro Boyko, the deputy head of RAKO Leonid Sivakov and the head of the KDKA of the Kyiv region Volodymyr Polishchuk congratulated our charming lawyers on the holiday of spring and womanhood.

"Today we congratulate all our defenders – in courtrooms, at the front and in the rear, in bulletproof vests, business suits and hospital gowns, with rifles and with laptops. You once again prove that the world is impossible without Ukraine, and Ukraine – without femininity!", – emphasized in the Council of Advocates of the Kyiv region, marking those present with special awards.

Love, faith, hope and bright thoughts on the way to victory, which will be the best gift for all of us, were wished on this day to women lawyers. So that spring comes not only in the calendar, but also in life.

Joy in the eyes, warmth in the soul and love in the heart to you, our incredible and beautiful women.

Peace be!

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