Stories of residents of Kyiv region about the occupation troops and the real role of the “Kadyrivets”


Stories of residents of Kyiv region about the occupation troops and the real role of the “Kadyrivets”

As previously reported, on May 5, 2022, an on-site meeting of the Committee on Interaction with the Military Administration, Law Enforcement Bodies and the Judicial System to ensure the protection of the civilian population under martial law was held. The trip was made to Buchansky district of Kyiv region.

I was particularly impressed by the story of local residents, eyewitnesses of the occupation, about the manifestation of inter-ethnic enmity and hierarchy based on national characteristics in the Russian military.

There were quite a few cases when the occupying forces, in order to ensure their own security, did not let local residents out of their homes and did not allow them to move freely around the village.

During the visit, the lawyers were told several stories.

The young boy disobeyed the command of the occupiers and went to the threshold of his own home and stood at the gate. At that time, a Rashist tank was moving past his house, with a Russian soldier sticking out of its hatch. The soldier without warning, just like that, took a turn with a machine gun and walked over the boy's legs. Relatives immediately ran after the boy and dragged him into the house. However, almost immediately another Rashist soldier (with a characteristic appearance and accent that indicated that this is a publicized example of a Kadyrov soldier) rang out an order for the tank to stop, and for the soldier who shot the young man's legs to approach. The order was immediately carried out, and a group of Kadyriv soldiers took the poor soldier with them, took him outside the village and shot him on the spot, throwing him into a ditch by the road. The story is interesting because it points to the real role of the Kadyrovs in the Rashist army, which is reduced to the shameful role of the famous "foreign troops" from the time of the Second World War and is punitive in relation to other units of the Rashist army.

Such a role of the Kadyrivites was confirmed by other stories of residents who visited under the occupation of the Rashists. For example, one grandmother told about a tank and its crew that dug in in her garden. Grandmother persistently advised the Russians (judging by the story of the latter, the soldiers were unfired conscripts aged 18-20) to return and go home. However, the tankers explained that they would like to return their tank and go home, but they are being watched by an "evil kadirovets" who has orders to shoot the entire crew if even one of them starts to panic and wants to turn the tank around, contrary to the order from above.

The photo below shows the results of the occupation troops' stay in the village of Nemishaevo

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