The investigator of the local prosecutor’s office is not a person authorized to report suspicion to a lawyer

June 14, 2023 The Supreme Court, by the panel of judges of the Third Judicial Chamber of the Criminal Court of Cassation in case No. 761/40425/16-k, rejected the cassation appeal of the prosecutor against the decision establishing a violation of the order of notification of suspicion to the lawyer. By the judgment of the district […]

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Inheritance under martial law: judges of the Supreme Court highlighted current judicial practice

Judges of the Supreme Court in the Cassation Civil Court Yevhen Petrov and Vasyl Krat joined the online workshop on “Inheritance under martial law: notarial practice and the practice of the Supreme Court.” Judge of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court Yevhen Petrov analyzed the relevant practice of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme […]

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Why does the court reduce the amount of compensation for legal aid costs (judgment of the Supreme Court)

Although by law the victim must be compensated for the costs of legal assistance, a necessary condition for the implementation of this rule is their proper documentary confirmation. In particular, the act of acceptance and transfer of services must contain a detailed description of the time spent by the lawyer for each type of work. […]

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