Happy Advocacy Day!

Dear lawyers! We sincerely congratulate all of you on the Day of the Ukrainian Bar Association! In these difficult times, I would like to, at least for the first time, move away from officialdom and templates and talk about our lawyer’s memory. About the memory that preserves hundreds of articles of law, thousands of facts […]

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A lawyer who carries out his activities individually is obliged to seal the warrant with his own signature: the position of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine

KAS VS noted that, according to the content of para. 2 hours 8th century 18 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, persons who have registered official electronic addresses in EUITS, submit procedural and other documents, written and electronic evidence, perform other procedural actions in electronic form exclusively with the help of EUITS, using their own […]

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Compensation for moral damage to relatives of victims of terrorist acts: analysis of decisions of the Supreme Court

In 2014, in connection with the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, the Anti-Terrorist Operation was launched and the territories on which it takes place were determined. However, there is a list of settlements where the activities of state authorities are temporarily not extended. Who is responsible for the death of people in the territory […]

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A helping hand from Florentine lawyers

On December 6, 2023, a video call was held between the Kyiv Region Bar Council and representatives of the Bar Association of Kyiv. Florence (Ordine degli Avvocati di Firenze, On behalf of the lawyers of the Kyiv Region, the Chairman of RAKO Petro Boyko together with the council members Leonid Sivakov and Oleg Chernobay […]

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If one of the spouses has committed domestic violence, reconciliation measures will not be taken

The Committee on Youth and Sports recommended that the Verkhovna Rada adopt as a basis, taking into account the Committee’s proposals, the draft Law on the improvement of the mechanism of prevention and countermeasures against domestic violence and gender-based violence No. 10249 , which provides: – to make changes to the legislation in order to […]

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Criminal liability for copyright infringement

Copyright and intellectual property rights are important components of the sphere of legal regulation, which ensure innovative development of society and protection of intellectual creativity. Ukraine, as a member of the world community, complies with international obligations and national legislation in this area. Abuse of rights to intellectual property objects, their illegal use and violation […]

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We congratulate the rector of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine Tetiana Viktorivna Varfolomeeva on her birthday!

Tetyana Viktorivna Varfolomeeva , Doctor of Law, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine since 2002, is celebrating her birthday today. — Rector of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine. Dear Tetyana Viktorivna! Accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of your birthday! The highest professionalism, talent, boundless […]

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The statute of limitations, defined by the Civil Code, will stop during the period of martial law – when the changes come into force

The law has been published, which specifies that from January 30, 2024, for the duration of martial law in Ukraine, the statute of limitations, defined by the Civil Code, is suspended. On January 30, 2024, the law will enter into force, which determines that the statute of limitations, defined by the Civil Code, is suspended […]

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Search requests will be sent to the VAKS in e-format

On December 1, the High Anti-Corruption Court started operating the information and telecommunications system of pre-trial investigation (iCase). From now on, VAKS will accept requests for permission to search a person’s home or other possessions from NABU detectives and SAP prosecutors in electronic format. After the completion of system testing, adjustment of integration and data […]

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Do bar associations and bureaus need PRO/PRRO

The NAAU committee on customs and tax law has prepared recommendations on the use of settlement transaction registrars and software settlement transaction registrars by law offices and bar associations. This is reported by ” Law and Business ” with reference to NAAU . The legal position on this issue was formulated by the head of […]

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